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Viral Video Star Bobby Jindal Wants To Take His Skills To The White House

"I can do it, Ms. Lemon!"

Most people remember Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for delivering one of the most widely-panned televised addresses in political history.


Well, good news, Jindal is ready to forget this if you are.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will formally begin his run for the Republican presidential nomination with an announcement at a rally outside New Orleans on Wednesday.
“I’m running for President of the United States of America,” Jindal said on Twitter ahead of the event.

It's always nice to see a comeback story. And Jindal has certainly learned his lesson, video just isn't his medium. It's not like he'd announce his candidacy with a creepy hidden camera video of his own family...

I had to tell a few people first. But I want you to be next. I’m running for President of the United States of America. Join me:

Posted by Bobby Jindal on Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Aside from being a GoPro hobbyist and cool dad, Jindal is also a hard-core pro-life, anti-gay Christian Conservative. And while his social platform is pretty clear cut, his policy towards Wall Street is as muddled as his video decision making.

Here's what Bobby told Politico about banks in 2012:

Declaring that Republicans “can’t be beholden to special interests or banks,” the successor to Huey P. Long indicated support for provisions in the Dodd-Frank law, which requires banks to increase their reserves to prevent future taxpayer-funded bailouts.
Even more notably, Jindal suggested he’d look favorably on something akin to the “Volcker rule.”
“You’ve seen some conservatives come around to the idea that if banks are going to be using FDIC-insured deposits, they shouldn’t be allowed to co-mingle those funds with some of their riskier investment banking activity,” Jindal said. “There needs to be stronger walls between insured deposits, the taxpayer protected side of business and riskier side of business that generate these risks and profits.”

That word jumble actually sounds pretty smart - and just populist enough - until you realize that FDIC regulations already forbid insured deposits from being used in stuff like prop trading. Actually, if you read the quote a few times it becomes increasingly clear that Jindal's grasp of the Volcker Rule might be be pretty weak at best, and that he might just be saying the phrase "Volcker Rule" to not sound like a Jack McBrayer character from a Second City sketch.

Jindal's going to need a few more of these smart-sounding nuggets if he hopes to outlast his growing legion of opponents in the farcically large Republican field.

At least we know that his kids find him compelling...

Keeping the attention of an eight year old can be hard. Even when you have a family talk about running for President.

Posted by Bobby Jindal on Wednesday, June 24, 2015


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