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What Does Bill Gross Think About When He's On The Can? He's Glad You Asked [VIDEO]

Naturally, he's written hundreds of words on this and other matters in his monthly outlook letters.
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As many of you know, legendary bond manager Bill Gross writes a monthly investment outlook to clients and friends, a tradition he started at PIMCO and has continued at Janus. He uses the space to talk about the state of the market, sure, but also to talk about whatever is on his mind at the time, be it old versus new ways of flushing a toilet; dogs; sneezing; failed attempts to get a girl in the backseat of his car in college; cats; or feeling fat. The above clip is a mere taste at what it might be like if instead of writing these gems out by hand, he delivered them as a video address. Which, we're just going to put it out there, HE SHOULD.

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