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What Jeb Bush Talks About When He Doesn't Talk About Wall Street

He doesn't need to tell Wall Street that he loves it, Wall Street already knows.

Did you know that Jeb Bush was running for president?

Did you know that until this afternoon you were technically wrong?

The former Governor of Florida and lifelong brother of former President George W. Bush waited until this afternoon to finally admit that he wants to live in the White House. Jeb is widely seen as the more thoughtful and wonky Bush brother - a Stannis if you will - and he is supposed to be the guy that Wall Street wants to see elected.

Wealthy hedge fund managers, bankers and private equity investors have signed on to host one of the first official fundraisers for Jeb Bush's soon-to-be-announced presidential campaign, a June 24 breakfast reception in New York that is on track to bring in at least $1 million.
Already, three dozen heavyweight players have committed to raise a minimum of $27,000 each for the event, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by the Washington Post.

Bankers are literally lining up to give Jeb money. Well, that's got to make a guy feel good. Got to think that he will be responding to that love by giving them some serious shout outs during his first step on the campaign trail.

Let's see what he said about "the banks" during his announcement speech...

Oh, nothing?

What about "Wall Street?"...


"Too big to fail?"

Too no to nope.

Not that Jeb really has to praise the financial sector on day one. He's been a vocal critic of Dodd-Frank, his record as governor is very private sector friendly and he's a Bush.

He's not a Rick Perry that will destroy any rule that so much as looks at restricting the private sector, but he's not Rand Paul either, meaning that he doesn't think "New York City Town" is the financial Gomorrah of Modern America.

Essentially, he's a centrist old school Republican who can be cranky and self-serious. He loves that old trope about the private sector's right to operate in a free market. But he's not exactly peddling that neo-con foreign policy stuff that makes his brother political kryptonite. Again, he's a Bush, but he's not THAT Bush.

So Jeb didn't talk about Wall Street today because he doesn't have to. He'll be up in Midtown Manhattan next week eating stale croissants and palming checks while everyone has a good chuckle at whatever it is Donald Trump is going to say tomorrow.


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