When It Comes To Financial Advice, Derek Jeter Is A Great Baseball Player

Derek Jeter appeared at an investment conference and everybody got "the vapors."

Pershing held its annual INSITE investor conference in Orlando last week and included appearances from folks like Ben Bernanke, Leon Panetta and Madeleine Albright.

But the former Fed Chairman, the former Secretary of State and the former Secretary of Defense/CIA Director/White House Chief of Staff/Congressman were reportedly all overshadowed by one person; retired shortstop Derek Jeter.

How did Jeter manage to wow the crowd of flinty-eyed capitalists and professional investors? Well, with the kind of industry-specific advice that you pay for at big investor conferences.


“You can’t succeed without experiencing failure.”


“Baseball is the only game where if you fail 70% of the time you’re considered great…Is that how it works in financial services?” (Funny)


But also:

“Surround yourself with good people who will tell you the truth.”

It might not have been immediately useful, but Jeter is super famous and probably a lot more fun to get an autograph from than Little League second baseman Ben Bernanke.

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