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A Sight For Cristina Kirchner’s Sore Eyes

Anti-hedge fund protestors accusing "vultures" of profiting from a debt crisis? The president of Argentina presumably likes what she sees.
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The Argentine president’s little heart must have skipped a beat when she saw the picture at left. Don’t get us wrong: Argentina is still way in default and showing no signs of ending its little stalemate with Paul Singer. And this is hardly New York’s first anti-hedge-fund protest. But look at those little Kirchners: They’re using her language in defense of another poor little Latin American country commonwealth beset by greedy bastards who actually expected to have their loans repaid. And all because BlueMountain Capital and its partners suggested that maybe the children of Puerto Rico didn’t need to be educated as much as they needed to be paid, a stance that has perhaps not-altogether-unexpectedly gone over like a lead balloon in the press.

Some 50 angry New Yorkers carrying a puppet of the scavenger bird picketed the posh headquarters of BlueMountain Capital Management LLC. “They are vultures because they are destroying the Puerto Rican people,” 56-year-old Maria Maisoneth of Brooklyn said. “They only want to make money….”

"They are leading Puerto Rico into a depression era," he said. "These billionaires living in towers in Manhattan are driving the island into a deep recession."

Protestors accuse NYC hedge fund of trying to profit from Puerto Rico debt crisis: ‘They are vultures’ [N.Y. Daily News]


Presidencia de la Nación Argentina [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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