Brevan Howard Hired A Greek Poker Player

That's not a euphemism.

No, it’s not the one you’re thinking of: That guy’s still prime minister of Greece (for now). And this guy’s way better at poker than Alexis Tsipras, to boot.

Mr. Zervos is currently 18th in Greece All Time Money list, and in 3,234th in the Global Poker Index Ranking. He came 55th in the 2014 World Series, collecting $124,447.

You know who else wouldn’t hire Alexis Tsipras? German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who’d box Alex’s ears if Angie would just let him get close enough.

"This government has done nothing since it came into office," Schaeuble said in a speech in the lower house of parliament.

"It has only reversed measures. It reneged on previously agreed commitments. It negotiated and negotiated. We don't know if the Greek government is going to hold a referendum or not, whether it is for or against it. You can't in all honesty expect us to talk with them in a situation like this. We need to wait to see what happens in Greece."

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