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Business Insider: The Biggest Difference Between Investment Banking And Sales & Trading Interns Is That The Latter Are At Risk Of Kidney Failure

Cherish your unlimited bathroom breaks, investment banking interns.
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There's no time for bathroom breaks when you're snapping necks and cashing checks. If an S&T intern is off the floor for one second-- just one!-- the whole operation will collapse.

Wall Street investment banking interns have notoriously tough jobs. The hours are long and the work is grueling and uninspiring. But it turns out that interns in the sales and trading divisions of Wall Street banks aren't much better off. They don't have to pull all-nighters working on live deals like their counterparts in banking, and they're less likely to be asked to work over a weekend. They do face another set of challenges, however, ranging from finding time to use the bathroom to dealing with higher-ups who see being mean to the intern as a "rite of passage." [...] The real difference between S&T and investment banking, that intern said, is that "you’re constantly in your seat, glued to your monitors with the market. You can’t miss a single thing — you can’t miss a single call, you can’t miss a single trade, you can’t even go to the restroom."




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