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CFA Institute Sorry For Those 5 Seconds Of False Hope/Crushing Defeat

False alarm.
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Were you among the 100 Level III test takers who got a glimpse into the future today when the CFA Institute got a little trigger happy? For those who saw their name next to a failing sure, take heart: you might have still passed (though, probably not...that's just something they have to say). For those who saw their name in bright lights, in addition to a light at the end of the 4+ year tunnel, slow your roll: you'll get permission to put those three little letters at the bottom of your email signature when the institute says so.

Test results for the third level of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam were posted prematurely Wednesday on the CFA Institute’s website. About 100 test-takers, or 0.4 percent of those who took the exam in June, accessed preliminary results during the hour they were available online, J.D. McCartney, a spokesman for the Charlottesville, Virginia-based institute, said in an e-mailed statement. The results are still undergoing quality-review procedures, he said. “We apologize to all CFA Program Level III candidates who briefly had access today to preliminary and unconfirmed June 2015 exam results,” the institute said on its website. Final results for the third level will be posted on Aug. 11 as scheduled, McCartney said.

CFA Level III Scores Posted Prematurely on Institute Website [Bloomberg]


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