Charlie Gasparino To Put Out 16-Month Calendar Of CEOs He Wouldn't Kick Out Of Bed

Starring Twitter interim CEO Jack Dorsey as Mr. February.

As many of you know, Fox Business reporter Charlie Gasparino covers many beats. Wall Street. Weights. Cardio. Girlie mags. Skin flicks. Beat downs. MacanudosSteaks. Chops. Soppressata. Today he revealed a new area of expertise he'll be focusing on: corporate executives he finds easy on the eyes. Clocking in a number two on his list, beat out only by the president of Cinnabon? Twitter interim CEO Jack Dorsey, whose visage Gasparino told colleague Liz Claman he could gaze upon for hours.

Claman: The stock was doing nothing but going down, it's up just a third of a percent after hitting a 52-week low in the wake of its earnings report where it basically just showed that they have very slow future growth. How long does Twitter have to go before someone snaps it up?
Gasparino: I just want to make this one observation about Jack Dorsey-- we should show a picture of him-- I think he's the best looking c-suite executive-
Claman: -the bearded wonder...?
Gasparino: -no, he's a good looking dude
Claman: That's an old picture-
Gasparino: -no, he's a good looking dude. The only person I think from the c-suite that's better than him is Kat Cole, the president of Cinnabon. She's beautiful.
Claman: She's beautiful...there are a lot of fine looking people...
Gasparino: [Dorsey's face flashes on the screen again] Look how good looking he is.

But if Dorsey thought Gasparino respected him not just for his body but for his brains, he thought wrong. Later in the hard-hitting segment:

Gasparino: I think Dorsey's a good-looking guy...but he's kind of a...what do they call guy bimbos? Gimbos, right? [Off-camera: "Mimbos"] No, gimbos. He's a good-looking guy but I don't think he's got a lot [trails off].

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