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Citigroup Maybe Let Customers Launder Money Through Mexico

Which is typically frowned upon.
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Which would be a blow to the bank reputationally, sure, but also revenue-wise, as apparently units that (maybe!) launder money are quite lucrative.

The Justice Department subpoenaed Banco Nacional de Mexico, known as Banamex, demanding information about its anti-money-laundering controls and seeking documents about its due diligence on operations involving hundreds of clients, according to documents reviewed by Bloomberg. The subpoena, which was sent in January but hasn’t been reported or disclosed by the bank, expands a Justice Department investigation previously known to focus only on a small U.S. unit. It shows investigators are looking into a Mexico operation that accounts for about 10 percent of the New York-based company’s core revenue, and has about 1,500 branches -- almost twice as many as Citigroup has in the U.S.

Citigroup’s Mexico Unit Faces Widening U.S. Money-Laundering Probe [Bloomberg]



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