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Does The Tightness Of Your Ass Positively Correlate To Your State's Economy?

A Bloomberg analysis says "Eh."
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...states with the unhealthiest citizens (red circles) tend also to rank lower in GDP growth (Y-axis). They also perform worse on a Bloomberg index that combines statistics on tax collections, personal income, employment, home prices, mortgage foreclosures. and the stock performance of companies located in a state (X-axis). Notable outliers include Wyoming, West Virginia, and North Dakota, which all saw GDP gains in 2014 boosted by the mining sector, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. States with the unhealthiest citizens also tend to have higher unemployment and foreclosure rates than their healthier counterparts...So will moving from a red state to a green state help you get your finances—and waistline—in check? Clearly, the relationship is more complicated than that, but it certainly gives some (low-cal) food for thought. [Bloomberg]