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Donald Trump Might Want To Remind His New Unlimited Super-PAC That He's Really Rich

The Donald is adamant that he's not taking a cent from donors, but there's a super-PAC in Colorado with everything but his name on it.

Remember when venal New York City-based contractor and inevitable next leader of the free world, Donald Trump, said this...?

"I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich."

It was during the amazing speech in which he embraced his destiny and deeply insulted the vast majority of Latinos living in the United States told us that he's going to be The President now.

The Donald even went so far as to expound a bit on his plan to run for the White House using only his own money.

President Trump acted out a scene in which "the head of Ford" (we're going to assume he meant the CEO Mark Fields) calls him in the Oval Office and begs forgiveness for having the audacity to make cars in President Trump's least-favorite nation, Mexico.

And he’ll say, “Please, please, please.” He’ll beg for a little while, and I’ll say, “No interest.” Then he’ll call all sorts of political people, and I’ll say, “Sorry, fellas. No interest,” because I don’t need anybody’s money. It’s nice. I don’t need anybody’s money.

Well, since he gave that speech President Trump has watched a few of his existing business deals fall through and now, according to the NY Post, it seems that he might have an opportunity to take a little donor cash on the side after all.

An independent super-PAC has been formed to raise unlimited funds to power Donald Trump’s run for the presidency, The Post has learned.
The political-action committee is called Make America Great Again, the slogan of the Republican real-estate mogul’s White House campaign.

But that's hardly a smoking gun. "Make America Great Again" is a great slogan. It's probably the classiest and most luxurious political slogan every conceived of by a focus group.

It does not specify whom it will support or oppose, but Jon Anderson, a Denver-based attorney involved in filing the paperwork, confirmed Make America Great Again is a pro-Trump PAC.
“I am the election lawyer who represents the Make America Great Again political action,” Anderson told The Post on Sunday.

Oh, well, okay.

So Trump is almost definitely going to probably get money through an independent PAC set up by a third party, but who doesn't have a PAC these days? Anyone who's anyone needs a committee for their political actions, why should The Donald not be able to try it out?

After all, these things have limits, it's not like he needs a ton of money.

Under federal law, an individual donor is limited to contributing a total of $5,400 — $2,700 for a party primary and $2,700 for the general election.
But an independent super-PAC can raise and spend millions of dollars to bolster or oppose particular candidates — as long as its doesn’t coordinate with a campaign.

Let's just hope that President Trump has the skills to make crazy statements and distract us from this PAC nonsense...

Shine on, you crazy-haired diamond.

Pro-Trump super-PAC aims to raise ‘unlimited funds’ [NY Post]



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