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Elon Musk Gave A Speech In Idaho And Now A Bunch Of Old Rich Guys Are Real Confused

"Driverless cars on Mars? Who is this kid?"

Bond villain come-to-life Elon Musk teleported into Sun Valley, Idaho to attend this year's summer camp for media billionaires.

The CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and SPECTRE even got up stage and had a little chat with his old buddy Reid Hoffman. According to Bloomberg, Elon pontificated on the future in ways that made many old farts in the audience scratched their heads, while others just flat-out lied about understanding what the f*ck he was talking about.

Elon Musk’s vision of the future was rocket science for some of the most successful U.S. media executives at the Allen & Co. Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.
A number of media moguls milling about the resort expressed a mixture of awe and confusion after co-founder of Tesla Motors Inc. talked at a panel on Wednesday. While CBS Corp. Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves dubbed Musk a “genius,” other attendees said they had no idea what Musk was talking about.

Apparently, what Moonves charmingly failed to really grasp were Musk's thoughts on moving to Mars and how soon we'll all be driven around in driverless electric cars.

Musk, who is attending Sun Valley for the first time, is an ideal candidate to discuss that subject. He has invested billions in space travel and electric cars, and is known for having lofty ambitions such as creating a human settlement on Mars and powering cars on the Earth with batteries alone.

Making Elon's presence among the media dinosaurs even more hilariously wacky was that while many of the CEOs in attendance spend their time talking deals and defending their ad revenue models, Musk had to go on CNBC and talk about why his rockets keep crashing before they can land back on his drone boats.

So while Rupert Murdoch chews on lamb chops and drives his kids crazy talking about how great newspapers are, Elon Musk says sh*t like this.

He was somewhat polarizing,” said one executive. “Either people liked his presentation or they didn’t.” Either way, the young (44-year-old) entrepreneur held the attention of most everyone in the room as he shared his vision of the smartest way into the future and how current regulations actually could help the growth of technology. “What it must be to have a brain that works like that,” said one attendee.

That scent you smell is Herb Allen's cowboy hat burning atop the smoldering ashes of his blown mind.

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