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Eurozone F*cked In More Ways Than One: IMF

Just an FYI to say that Greece is not your only problem.
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In its annual review of the currency area, the Fund said that while the situation in Greece is “fluid” and “a key source of uncertainty,” the threat of contagion has eased since the early years of the currency area’s debt crisis. However, the IMF warned that the eurozone faces longer-term speed limits to its economic growth that will see incomes fall further behind those in the U.S. over the coming five years unless governments take immediate action. [WSJ]


The Eurozone Is Ruining Everything

Here's the latest impressively awful bit of data to emerge from the economic wasteland at the heart of the world's economic slag-heap, Europe: Employment in the eurozone has dropped to a seven-year low.

Eurozone Edges Ahead in Race to Bottom

The eurozone is poised for an historic achievement, and it didn't even need a fiscal cliff, sequester or irresponsible government-by-brinksmanship to do it.