Ever Wondered What Miss Texas/Runner-Up Miss USA Thinks Of Executive Pay Caps?

Wonder no longer.

Should limits exist on the amount of money a chief executive officer can take home each year, particularly those who currently make hundreds of times that of a rank and file employee in the same company? It's the topic du jour, being debated the world over; studied by the Economic Policy Institute; argued in the pages of the Wall Street Journal; considered by inequality experts; shouted about by politicians and would-be presidents. But until recently, a void has existed-- because we didn't know where Ylianna Guerra, AKA Miss Texas, stood on the issue. Luckily, that all changed on Sunday night, when someone had the good sense to ask her during the Q&A portion of the Miss USA pageant.

Judge and former Miss Universe Michelle McClean-Bailey asked the Texan the following: "Last year, CEOs in the United States made around 300-times as much as the average worker's salary. Should the government impose boundaries on salaries of executives?" Guerra responded: "That's a good question. You know, I think that if you work hard enough you can attain anything—This is the land of opportunity. CEOs, I believe that they work hard enough for their money, so they should be able to attain whatever it is they are working for." The audience erupted with applause.

Watch Miss Texas nail an onstage question about executive pay at the Miss USA pageant [BI]