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Former Merrill Lynch Exec Offers Summer Interns 5-Point Plan To Getting Ahead On Wall Street (All Of Which Involve Lunch)

Avoid these midday meal-based tips at your own peril.
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If you're currently working a summer internship on Wall Street, whether at an investment bank, asset management firm, or hedge fund, your goal is most likely to line up a full-time job to come back to upon graduation. While expert advice abounds offering tips on how to make that happen, we've yet to come across the definitive guide to turning your summer experience into a permanent employment. Until now. Enter: Jim Toes, a former Merrill Lynch trading exec turned head honcho at the Security Traders Association. His recommendation? In a word: lunch. In twelve words: You wanna shine in this biz? Rock your boss's world vis-à-vis lunch. In Jim Toes's 5-Point Plan To Getting Ahead On Wall Street (All Of Which Involve Lunch)™? Start taking notes:

First, you've got the revolutionary: bring your boss the thing he or she asked for, at the time he or she asked for it“Wall Street people are creatures of habit and want their lunches on their desks at the exact same time every day. Take the lunch order early and make sure you know how long the delivery takes after placing the order. Too early is just as bad as too late.”

Second, is ballsy-for-some but not-for-a-super-star-like-you move, "Oh, you like Lenny's? Well have you heard of this delightful little boulangerie called Le Pain Quotidien? I took the liberty of switching things up today, and swapped your Jimmy T for a Paris Ham & Aged Gruyère Tartine": "Research other places that deliver, and find a new one. It’s a risk, but one worth taking around week five of your internship when you’ve built up some credibility."

Third, stand out, by pestering people: "Always ask people, 'How was lunch today? Did you like the new place?'"

Fourth, on Fridays, order what is apparently Jim Toes's favorite lunch, regardless of whether or not your boss actually wants it: "Never, ever, ever order anything but plain pizza on a Friday."

Fifth, apply these lessons re: lunch to everything you do, as they are universal: Regardless of whether you decide to own the lunch print or not, showing enthusiasm and hustle in all you do will close any gap between you and those brighter.

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