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Former Morgan Stanley Risk Manager Does The Math, Still Agrees To Become Billy Joel's Fourth Wife

She knows what she's doing, you haters of love.

Rejoice, middle-aged peoples of Long Island, for Billy Joel hath wed... Again!

The 66-year-old man who plays piano has married 33-year-old Alexis Roderick, making her his fourth wife and - by law - the Princess of Suffolk County.

Don't we all want to know just a little bit more about this blessed union?

Take it away, Business Insider:

The "Piano Man" singer has been dating the former Morgan Stanley risk manager for about six years now. The couple first met at an unnamed restaurant in Huntington, New York. They started out as friends.

Aww, they were friends and it became something more, that's adorab... Wait, she worked where?

FINRA records show that Roderick was working at Morgan Stanley in Melville, New York around the time she started dating Joel. The records indicate that during this time she joined Merrill Lynch's New York City office briefly before taking a 20 month break from Wall Street. She was last registered with Morgan Stanley in the Riverhead, New York office in April 2015, the records show.

Hey, if a Morgan risk officer with 10 years in the industry thinks it's a good idea to marry a thrice-divorced pop star twice her age, who are we to argue?

Billy Joel married a former Wall Streeter this weekend [BI]


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