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GOP Officially Having Weirdest Summer Romance Ever

Summer days spent race-baiting away, but oh oh those Trump summer nights.

So, someone unpacked the overstuffed clown car that is the Republican primary and did a little polling. The results are... intriguing?

In this week’s Economist/YouGov Poll, businessman Donald Trump leads among Republicans, ahead of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. 

That's right, venal New York City contractor Donald Juarez Trump is - at this moment in American History - the preferred choice of Republicans to be the actual President... of The United States... Really.

We'll let that sink in.

Okay now look at this...

While no one - even the people that say they're voting for him - thinks that Trump will be the actual nominee, proof that he's so popular should be enough to make every take stock of what is happening in this batsh!t election cycle.

For Wall Street, it's more of an eyebrow-raiser. Another esoteric hint that the Hillary vs. Jeb! general election (aka "Heads Wall Street Wins, Tails Wall Street Wins") is not yet an utter certainty. If a borderline personality like President Trump can keep behaving in the manner he has been and still be taken this seriously by his party, that augurs well for Bernie Sanders and even Martin O'Malley to cause Hillary some headaches in the future if they define themselves even more clearly to a hungry liberal base (more on this in a later post).

The last thing that the financial sector needs in 2016 is a debate about Wall Street regulation being had from the polar ends of the political spectrum. If the general election devolves into Occupiers and Tea Partiers throwing demagogue salvoes at each other, Jamie Dimon will be the common political foil of a divided nation.

Don't like Dodd-Frank? How does "The Warren-Paul regulatory legislation package" sound?

But maybe the most salient aspect of the Trump poll is that this Baskin-Robbins on acid approach to primary politics is backfiring terribly in the faces of the Republican party.

Every time The Donald goes around saying breathtakingly offensive things about the same Latino community that Republicans have been openly courting since '08, genuinely qualified candidates like Southern cartoon Lindsey Graham, centenarian George Pataki and even (deep breath) Chris Christie lose their grip on shaping a debate that could actually help whomever emerges from the current scrum of whackos.

Oh, "Whackos" is too strong for you? What would you call a group of people that is officially making Donald f*cking Trump look like a reasonable choice to lead the free world?

The GOP frontrunner: Donald Trump? [YouGov]


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