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Greeks Ready For Angela Merkel To Come Crawling Back

Alexis Tsipras is waiting, Angela.
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Everyone’s got to make sacrifices in a relationship, Angie. Alex promises he won’t bring his annoying friend Yanis to dinner anymore. Now it’s time for you to let Alex slide on the whole paying his bills thing, right?

“A haircut [on Greece’s debt] is not on the table for us,” Martin Jäger, the spokesman of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said, reiterating the long-held view of the government. "If Greece wants to stay in the euro, the Greek government must quickly make a substantive offer that goes beyond its willingness thus far," said Gabriel, leader of the Social Democrats (SPD), junior partner in Germany's ruling coalition.

Indeterminate stasis” it is, then!

There’s a third possibility–an indeterminate stasis that leaves nothing resolved, with neither Greece nor its creditors quite able to do a deal but also not willing to consider Greece’s exit from the single currency region. A sort of political version of the famous Schrodinger’s cat in physics, which describes a situation where a particle can both exist in all possible states at once.

And while the Greeks sleep off the ouzo after all of that wild partying in Syntgama Square last night—it’s not like they have jobs or banks to go to, after all—the celebrations continue in Buenos Aires, much to Paul Singer’s chagrin.

"The Greek people have said 'NO' ... to the impossible and humiliating conditions that would be imposed for the restructuring of their debt," she tweeted. "We Argentines know what this is about. We hope that Europe and its leaders understand the message ... that you can't force anyone to sign their own death warrant." Kirchner’s approval rating now stands at almost 43%, up from 31% in September, according to a new survey by pollster Management & Fit. If her numbers keep rising, it could benefit her preferred candidate, Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli, who says he would be a loyal successor.

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