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Hedge Fund Managers Still Having Nightmares About The Swiss Franc

Sometimes at night, they can still hear the screaming.
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Some psychologists recommend immersion therapy to deal with the problem.

It’s been six months since the Swiss National Bank shredded its long-standing unspoken deal with the investing universe not to let the euro drop like a rock against the franc, and those it betrayed are still not over it. In fact, a lot of them can’t even be near a Swiss franc without having a panic attack or, at the least, breaking out into a cold sweat.

“Investors placed a lot of trust in the SNB until six months ago, but that backfired,” said Constantin Bolz, a currency strategist at UBS Wealth Management, which oversees about $2 trillion of assets��.

“Risk managers have question marks with the Swiss franc. They can’t really model it after the jump early in the year,” said Richard Benson, co-head of portfolio investments at Millennium Global Investments, a London-based currency manager with $13.4 billion of assets.

Doubts over how risky the franc is, coupled with uncertainty over Greece’s debt talks, have deterred Mr. Benson from betting the currency will fall, he said.

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