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HerbalifeCon Goes Off Without A Bill Ackman-Shaped Hitch

Apparently Woodstock for the diet shakes 'n supplements industry was a success.
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HLF swag: A real thing.

While some of you (you know who you are) were spending the weekend in San Diego, some 25,000 hit the road for sunny St. Louis for Herbalife’s annual sales convention—Mound City’s second-most popular con after the Church of God in Christ’s Holy Convocation. It all sounds very, uh, convention-y.

Billed as an “Extravaganza,” the event was expected to draw an estimated 25,000 people — most of them independent distributors from around the country — to hear motivational speeches, network and participate in sales seminars…Another “Future Millionaire” is Antwoine Love, 39, of Dalton, Ga., a father of 14 children with a 15th on the way. Love said he got involved with selling Herbalife products full-time a month ago, after having a career “working with music.” Selling Herbalife products helps him assist people with their medical problems, he said. Though Love has not made a significant profit selling Herbalife and has yet to recruit a downseller, “the guy who got me into this makes $7,000 a month,” Love said….

“This is how I eat,” Love said.

St. Louis Herbalife convention draws thousands of dreamers [Post-Dispatch]


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