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Hillary Emails Reveal Thirsty Exchanges With CME Group's Duffy

Round 6 million of "Hillary Clinton is close to Wall Street."

Remember Hillary Clinton's secret emails? Well, they're not-so-secret anymore.

Clinton released 3,000 pages worth of emails from the "other" account she used while leading the State Department. There's obviously a lot in there, but one thing that caught our eye was Hillary's super-sweet relationship with Terry Duffy, the executive chairman at CME Group.

A registered Republican, Duffy outed himself as a real RINO in 2008 by endorsing Hillary. The relationship did not end after her primary loss, in fact Hill and The Duff seem to be burgeoning BFFs.

Here are some particularly sweet exchanges.

After Duffy invited her to a party, Hillary responded thusly:

"So sorry I haven't responded before but I've been hip deep in the rollout of the Afghanistan strategy," Clinton wrote to Terrence Duffy, executive chairman of futures market operator CME Group and a supporter of her 2008 presidential campaign. "I hope you, your family, and the futures markets are all well!

Aww, she cares about futures you guys.

Duffy is fond of sending good vibes Clinton's way. Like this bizarre nugget:

Terrence A. Duffy, the executive chairman of the CME Group in Chicago, writes to Clinton that he had dinner with “a mutual friend of ours,” South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham. “Lindsey always talks about how much he likes you and said if I were to be in contact with you to say hi from him.”

So, between beating the Benghazi drum and running for President on a platform that consists almost entirely of criticizing Hillary's time at State, Lindsey Graham is professing his crush on Hill to Duffy between bites of filet mignon?

It's almost like Washington is full of fatuous clowns... Oh well, back to the emails.

Duffy didn't always rely on third parties to deliver his fawning compliments to Hillary:

Duffy kept in touch after the 2008 campaign. "You’re doing an incredible job," he wrote in May 2009, asking for her presence at a company event. "Once again," he said in September, inviting her to another event, "you're doing an amazing job."

Calm down, Terry. She gets it.

Oh, the emails also reveal that Hillary made a point of helping Blackstone Chairman (and noted bro of George W. Bush) Steve Schwarzman out with a little visa problem.

After an event at the New York Stock Exchange in 2009, where she rang the opening bell, she e-mailed her staff to follow up on Schwarzman's request for help with a visa for a person whose name is redacted in the State Department release.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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