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If This Doesn’t Work, Goldman and BofA Will Probably Invent Floatable Cash

Big banks are signing on to an environmental pledge that kind of totally misses the point completely.



Adorable Silicon Valley Millennials Think They Invented Taking Speed And Not Eating At Work

Tech bros are looking to get an edge by eating no food, doing a bunch of speed and a little acid.

Peter Thiel Just Invented Revenge Litigation Finance

He's like the Charles Bronson of legal investment capital.


If Buying Your Own Fake Mayonnaise To Allegedly Inflate A Pre-Funding Round Valuation Is Wrong, Then Hampton Creek's CEO Doesn't Want To Be Right

"Mmm, I LOVE this EGGLESS MAYO," shouted a person in the market, totally NOT employed by the mayo company.


Jay Clayton Didn't Really Work At Goldman Sachs But He Really Will Head The SEC Because He's Qualified To Do So

With Donald Trump offering up daily rounds of target practice to his opponents, it would be wise to hold fire on Jay Clayton.


British Bank Will Make Naughty Traders Work In A Glass Box, Because This Is Who We Are Now

Lloyd's Bank acknowledges that its traders are literal animals, will now treat them as such.

Jamie Dimon Not So Sure Elizabeth Warren Gets How This Whole Banking Thing Works

The JP Morgan chief is worried the senator is missing some key points.