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Jed Rakoff Doesn’t Like The Tone Of (Still) Convicted Insider Trader’s Voice

Doug Whitman is on thin ice.
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Not bobbing Doug Whitman's way.

At least not in the form of Doug Whitman’s recent suggestion that maybe old Jed had it wrong at his trial and there’s no reason at all for said Doug Whitman to remain in Lompoc. No. Jed Rakoff doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like Whitman’s jerkoff name. He doesn’t like Whitman’s jerkoff face. He doesn’t like Whitman’s jerkoff behavior. And he certainly doesn’t like Whitman’s jerkoff suggestion that a certain successful appeal that has not found favor with him means that insider trading isn’t illegal anymore, nor the one blaming it all of his (former) lawyers. Has he made himself clear?

Rakoff called Whitman's view of the Newman ruling "overbroad," a view the judge said others challenging their convictions share. Whitman had been "aware" that Khan and Motey expected personal benefits by giving him tips, Rakoff said….

"The sheer poverty of Whitman's motion (not to mention chutzpah) is illustrated by the fact that his present counsel is reduced to arguing, without a shred of factual support," that Phillips and his colleagues at Sidley Austin did their jobs poorly, Rakoff wrote.

U.S. judge faults hedge fund founder’s ‘chutzpah,’ upholds conviction [Reuters]


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