John Paulson Can Stop Dreaming About That Cabinet Job In The Trump White House

You can cross Paulson's name off the short list for Treasury Secretary of Trumperica.

As we all know, venal New York City-based contractor and assumptive President-Elect of The United States, Donald Juarez Trump has spent considerable time putting together a short list of Wall Street types with which he will create the most experienced and luxurious cabinet ever.

That sound you hear is fingers crossing in C-Suites across Manhattan. From Dimon to Blankfein, everyone is praying that they 'll be considered for a gig in a gold-plated West Wing office.

But one guy can give up now.

We're looking at you John Paulson.

Oh you know what you did.

You see, we now know that President Trump is a stock picking, hedge fund investing, human profit machine who makes billions in his sleep. Everything he touches turns into money.

Look at this guy's investments!

Well, everything except the just over $10 million that Trump has invested across three Paulson & Co. funds.

Look at this unsightly blemish:

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.02.27 PM

What the f*ck, John?

It's almost as if you don't even want to leave your massive investment operation to be Treasury Secretary under the greatest jobs president ever born.

Harvard is going to be so disappointed in you.