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Jon Corzine One Step Closer To His Comeback

It's all coming together.
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It's roughly a 12-step process. Step 9 is to make amends and/or pay some MF Global investors. After he completes all 12, it's off to the freaking races. He'll be running the world's greatest hedge fund before the year is up.

Jon S. Corzine and other former MF Global officials will pay $64.5 million to settle an investor lawsuit, the first time the former New Jersey governor has agreed to pay those who lost money in the failed brokerage firm...The money from Messrs. Corzine and Steenkamp will come from directors’ and officers’ insurance policies they had while working at MF Global. The Tuesday filing said the insurance money is “being rapidly and continually depleted” by the litigation. Messrs. Corzine and Steenkamp must provide proof of their reported net worth or the plaintiffs can cancel the settlement, according to the filing.

We're in the home stretch, everyone. Sit tight.

Corzine, Other Ex-MF Global Officials Settle Suit for $64.5 Million [WSJ]


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