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Loretta Lynch Celebrates Fourth Of July With Invitations To Partake Of The American Legal System

FIFA officials, come on down.
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The Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn: Not exactly the Hotel Baur au Lac...

Now that Sepp Blatter has made clear he won’t be getting arrested on a jetway at Vancouver International Airport this weekend for the honor of maybe presenting a trophy to his persecutors, the Feds are turning to their consolation prizes: Those seven non-Swiss citizens currently moldering away in Swiss jails.

The United States has asked Switzerland to extradite seven FIFA officials arrested in an investigation into a global bribery scandal at soccer's governing body, the Swiss Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) said on Thursday….

Proceedings under the treaty are relatively straightforward, even if the defendants have the right to appeal along the way, legal experts say.

United States asks Swiss to extradite seven in FIFA inquiry [Reuters]
Exclusive: Blatter decides not to attend women’s World Cup final in Canada [Reuters]


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