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Maybe Marc Leder's Uptight Neighbors Will Think A Little More Highly Of Him When They Learn He Basically Gave Me One Of His Kidneys (I.E. Bought Me A Fribble): Friend

Strike that: they definitely will.
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As many of you know, Sun Capital chief Marc Leder is not a very well-liked person in the Hamptons. In fact, one could make the argument that the people he's lived next to the past number of summers, while he was renting, actively dislike him. In 2011, they were none too happy about a Bridgehampton party that involved "guests cavort[ing] nude in the pool, while scantily clad Russians danced on platforms." In 2013, they reportedly "went ballistic" over soirées that apparently included "unsightly portable toilets, an endless stream of Escalades speeding through the street, and dozens of mattresses packed into the estate’s theater for Leder’s gaggle of bosomy houseguests," and resulted in so many complaints that the only way he was able to throw his 4th of July party was by making "a $10,000 donation to the town and post[ing] a $50,000 bond toward potential party fines." The pressure was so great that after celebrating our independence from the British with a lot of T&A (tits and Absinthe), he "vowed to stop having parties that year."

And while he might have thought that 2 years of laying low would've done the trick vis-à-vis getting the party police off his back, he thought wrong. In May, his new neighbors in Sagaponack, where he recently bought a house, told the Post that they were preemptively freaking out about a June/July/August spent living next to his den of iniquity; at this moment, they're likely girding their loins, scared and afraid of what they'll be in store for this holiday weekend.

One guy not scared and, at the same time, sick of these people's Victorian sh*t? Marc Bell, the former owner of Penthouse and a Leder pal. He previously went to bat for Leder when he clarified that "no sex" occurred at Leder's infamous 2011 party and now, he's got a personal anecdote to tell that will surely change a lot of perceptions about his friend:

Bell experienced Leder’s thoughtfulness firsthand after Bell drove 20 minutes to Friendly’s (which is owned by Leder’s company), only to discover that the shop’s Fribble machine was broken. “I wrote Marc an email complaining,” says Bell, a self-professed Fribble fanatic. “And he went ahead and hand-delivered me a Fribble the next day. He could have had his assistant do it...It just goes to show what type of person he is.”

Any questions?

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