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Naming A Hedge Fund Is Too Hard, So Don’t Bother Starting One

No, really.
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Someone's best effort.

As we’ve discussed, it’s getting harder and harder to name one’s hedge fund. There are north of 10,000 of the things out there nowadays, and that doesn’t count things like “Long-Term Capital Management” and Amaranth anything, which are off the table for obvious reasons. The difficulty can be seen both in the fact that the random Hedge Fund Name Generator has been around for six years already, and by the increasingly poor choices being made: Dabroes Management. Genius Hedge Fund. 5:15 Capital Management. Point72 Asset Management. And, as this jaunty little video from the Journal notes, Brown Trout Management. And while the clip doesn’t exactly live up to its name ("What To Name Your Hedge Fund"), which seems to promise assistance in naming a fledgling fund, it does provide some other terrible hedge-fund names you'd probably be wise to avoid. Enjoy.

What Should You Name Your Hedge Fund? [WSJ]


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