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New Venture Firm With Terribly Misguided Name Will Focus On Unicorns In Asia

It is unclear if Unicorn Capital Partners will rely on Leprechaun gold for funding.

The tech VC world is having its unicorniest moment yet.

Fortune's Dan Primack found a new fund-of-funds with the worst name ever.

There is a new venture capital firm called Unicorn Capital Partners, borrowing from the Aileen Lee-coined term that has come to refer to billion dollar tech startups.

We'll save you from reading another diatribe about our thoughts on the word "Unicorn," and instead refer you to Unicorn Capital's LinkedIn page, which says literally this:

Unicorn Capital Partners (獨秀資本) is a venture capital platform that provides access to the innovation and new economies in China and Asia. It focuses on investing and partnering with the leading and emerging venture capital fund managers at the start of the Age of the Unicorns.

So, tech investing has officially reached an inflection point at which every privately-backed startup needs to be pumped so full of money that it balloons to a billion dollar valuation regardless of its actual value, or it's a failure?

That seems totally logical... And this focus on a faulty allegory is not at all troubling.

Ah, f*ck it. The Age of Man has ended, the Age of the Unicorns is upon us.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go mine with some dwarves so we can start investing in this can't-miss market.

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