No One Has Ever Been Happier About Losing $185 Million Of His Inheritance Than Brett Icahn

"Brett, you were right" is worth at least that much.

Carl Icahn finally deleted Netflix from his queue last month, $2 billion richer and prouder of his son than he could have ever imagined. But if he was still riding that “extremely overheated” wave, he’d be up $2.2 billion, which has got to make young Brett, who told Carl NOT to sell and to actually buy more, feel pretty good about things. At the very least, this $200M loss on Netflix is definitely not his fault, unlike times past.

Netflix’s stock is up nearly 20% since Mr. Icahn announced he sold the remainder of his stake in the stock on June 24. The last time he disclosed his position — of roughly 1.4 million shares — was March 31….

At the Delivering Alpha conference in New York this week, Mr. Icahn didn’t seem too concerned about Netflix’s performance since his exit. “Most of the time, I always sold too early or too soon,” he said. “I made all this money selling too early or too soon. You are never going to get the top.”

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