Paul Singer: Greece Did It To Itself

The hedge fund manager is very broken up about this Greek tragedy.

Billionaire Paul Singer, founder of hedge fund Elliott Management, said Greece should have pulled out of the euro. “I think Greece should have pulled out after the first restructuring a few years ago, I think they should have pulled out now,” he said Wednesday at the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha Conference in New York. “I think what they have done to themselves is a tragedy.” [Bloomberg]


Hedge Fund Manager Paul Singer Thinks Paul Ryan Chris Christie Mitt Romney, His First Second Last Choice For The Ticket, Would Make A Great President

Anyone but you know who. Paul Singer, a prominent hedge-fund manager, has employed many tactics in seeking to ensure a Republican victory in November...he approached Rep. Paul Ryan and offered to back him in a presidential bid. When Mr. Ryan demurred, Mr. Singer's support helped him emerge as the vice-presidential nominee, people close to the matter said...Mr. Singer has warmed up to Mr. Romney though he didn't support his run for president in 2008 and last year pushed...New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run. "As I have gotten to know Mitt I have become increasingly of the view that he will make a very fine president," Mr. Singer said in a rare interview. Wall Street's Paul Singer Makes His Influence Felt [WSJ] Related: Meet The Draft Christie For President Committee