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President Trump Can't Even Deal With These Financial Disclosure Forms Designed For Poor People

The FEC just doesn't make forms big enough to accommodate a man of his financial girth, baby.

How rich is venal New York City-based contractor Donald Juarez Trump?

Apparently he's so rich that the United States Government has yet to design a financial disclosure form adequate to accommodating an ocean of wealth his size.

Just ask him,

Today, Donald J. Trump filed his Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) forms with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This report was not designed for a man of Mr. Trump‟s massive wealth.

How bad are these forms though, really? Mitt Romney filled them out and he's got a few shekels...

For instance, they have boxes once a certain number is reached that simply state $50 million or more. Many of these boxes have been checked. As an example, if a building owned by Mr. Trump is worth $1.5 billion, the box checked is “$50,000,000 or more.”

$50 mil limit? That's gross.

Mr. Trump‟s net worth has increased since the more than one year old financial statement produced at his presidential announcement. Real estate values in New York City, San Francisco, Miami and many other places where he owns property have gone up considerably during this period of time. His debt is a very small percentage of value, and at very low interest rates. As of this date, Mr. Trump‟s net worth is in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS.


But since he didn't actually include the FEC from with the statement, and the FEC doesn't have to make it public for 30 days, we can only speculate on whether or not The Donald is engaging in more of his patently subtle humblebragging.

Unless "Make America Great Again" would like to tickle us with a feather...

Mr. Trump‟s income for the year 2014, as reported in the PFD statement, is $362 million dollars (which does not include dividends, interest, capital gains, rents and royalties).

Oh, sounds juicy enough.

In addition, he was successful in choosing multiple stocks which were sold in January 2014. Even though stock market purchases are not something that Mr. Trump has focused on in the past, and while only a small part of his net worth, 40 of the 45 stocks purchased went up in a relatively short period of time, creating a gain of $27,021,471, not including those stocks still remaining in the portfolio which currently have an unrealized gain of over $22 million (schedule attached).

The attached schedule does show The Donald to be a stock wizard, but it also discloses that he is invested in few mutual and hedge funds in addition to relatively smallish accounts with Deutsche Bank and Barclays.

As to the funds, Trump is trumping a combined $60 million across Baron Funds, MidOcean Credit Opportunities, Oppenheimer, BlackRock, three separate funds managed by Paulson & Co., and two funds at Angelo Gordon (where fees collected might have gone into paying the salary of Chris Christie's wife Mary Pat, who until recently was a managing director at the firm).

There are a lot of big numbers flying around Trump's "curated" disclosure statement, but upon a few readings it becomes clear that today's statement is just the latest piece of cheap lingerie shed in the bizarre burlesque that is the Trump campaign.


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