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Steve Cohen May Bust His Tea Set Out Of Archives

Lord Cohen has a nice ring to it, no?
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With the exception of the fact that no one will buy his Manhattan penthouse, which has languished on the market for over two years and which is now $36 million off the original price, things have been going pretty, pretty, pretty well for Steve Cohen lately. His bromance with Guy Fieri remains solid (the Big Guy appeared in his second episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives in May); he just set a record with his $141 million Giacometti purchase; and the hedge fund formerly known as SAC Capital isn't doing too bad vis-à-vis making money. So you know what? That office is shuttered when the sh*t was really hitting the fan a couple years back? Screw y'all-- Preet B, and the media, and anyone who's ever said anything bad about Guy Fieri's hair or cooking, just because-- the office is coming back. Maybe.

Point72 Asset Management, the investment firm that manages the money of billionaire trader Steven A. Cohen, is considering returning to London less than two years after closing its offices amid insider-trading allegations. “During the last several months, we have been studying the possibility of reopening an office,” Doug Haynes, president of Point72, said in a June 22 memo to employees seen by Bloomberg. “We already run a dozen global books from our U.S. and Asian offices. We are now weighing whether our European investing would be meaningfully advanced by opening a physical office in London.”

Steve Cohen’s Point72 Mulls Reopening London Office [Bloomberg]


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