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There's Only One Person to Thank For Uber's Victorious Campaign Against Bill de Blasio

We're officially nominating Kate Upton for the Nobel Peace Prize.

It's time to hit pause on the war between the Ayn Rand-themed car service that lives on your phone and America's favorite giant knee-jerk liberal mayor.

According to the NY Times, Bill de Blasio is throwing up his hands on a plan to curb the growth of Uber within the five boroughs.

The de Blasio administration has backed away from its fight with the app company Uber, agreeing on Wednesday to drop for now its plan to place a cap on the number of vehicles operated by Uber in New York City.

The detente is rather surprising considering that just hours ago, nasty allegations were still flying between the parties involved. Uber claimed that de Blasio is the pawn of taxi millionaires who paid for his campaign while City Hall and its allies in the City Council countered that Uber is "Wal-Mart on wheels," an evil corporate monster coming to ruin the city's fragile economy.

In truth, both sides looked rather stupid. Uber absurdly asserted that its business model - the one predicated on surge pricing - is akin to a public service for poor and working class people in the outer boroughs. Meanwhile, elected city officials ham-handedly couched their attacks on Uber as part of a traffic congestion study that, for some nebulous reason, had to begin immediately.

De Blasio threw an incredible amount of political capital at a problem that his own staff referred to as a "boutique side issue," and Uber paid out $10 million to wage what can best be described as a butt-hurt media campaign against City Hall.

But its all over now, and it turns out that everyone underestimated the most powerful force in the American psyche; Kate Upton.

Mere hours after this tweet hit the internets, the long, dumb war for NYC livery car domination was over.

There are no coincidences.

So how silly do you feel now Uber? Spending $10 mill when all you had to do was unleash the influence of the Uptons?

And you, Bill de Blasio? Is it really that easy?... Bill! Please stop watching "The Other Woman" on your iPad and answer our question!

De Blasio Administration Dropping Plan for Uber Cap, for Now [NYTimes]


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