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Time Warner’s Terrible Customer Service Pays Off For Texas Woman

Araceli King scored a nice little payday.
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Sounds about right.

If Araceli King knew that it would cost TWC $1,500 every time it mistakenly called her, she might have waited longer than 153 robocalls looking for “Luiz” before filing suit.

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein in Manhattan counted as a violation each of the 153 calls she received after she had the conversation with the Time Warner representative. He then multiplied 153 and 1,500 to arrive at the $229,500 figure….

The company thought she was Luiz because he was a fellow Time Warner customer who had opened an account using a cell number later assigned to her, the opinion said.

Time Warner doesn’t deny calling King every other day. But it thinks only 60 of the calls or so count, because those are the only ones on which she left a message for Luiz.

In more than 90 of the calls, no recorded message left on her voicemail or played to Ms. King. The company said the TCPA shouldn’t apply in those cases, the opinion said.

Woman Robocalled by Time Warner Wins $230,000 Judgment [WSJ Law Blog]



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