When It Comes To Tech Investing, Bill Ackman Is a Total Wuss

Sack up, Ackman.

If we know one thing about Bill Ackman, it's that homeboy aint' messing around.

From JC Penney to Wendy's to Canadian Rail to - lest we forget - Herbalife, Ackman is a guy that has made billions by making it clear that he don't take sh*t from nobody.

So you can imagine our surprise today when CNBC Chief Shouting Correspondent Jim Cramer asked Ackman why he doesn't invest in tech stocks, and Bill said this...

"When you put 10 to 15 to 20 percent of your assets in a business you want it to be an incredibly robust, stable, predictable business, and the problem with technology is most technology companies are too dynamic."

"Too dynamic?" What, like Jennifer Lawrence at an awards show?

You scared, bro? What exactly is the tech industry to you, Bill?

"You wake up and there's a couple of guys in a garage about a block away from Stanford University..."

Ok, rudely stereotypical.

"...Or a couple of women in a garage..."

Ha, good one Acky.

"...and they're starting businesses that are disruptive."

What's wrong with disruption?

"I like businesses that can stand the test of time."

While we can't think of an enduring yech company that's built on a disruptive model off the top of our head, we're sure one will come to us while use our iPhone to shop for clothes and groceries on Amazon.

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