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Alibaba Finally Has Goldman Sachs Partners In Stock

Another senior Gold-man is now a tech bro. Do we sense a trend?

The kids call it "doing the Noto."

Per Reuters:

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has hired former Goldman Sachs Group Inc partner Michael Evans to oversee the e-commerce company's international expansion, a top priority as the firm looks beyond China to sustain its heady growth rates.

Evans will reportedly be working a in a role created just for him, helping the Chinese e-commerce monolith expand it's reach into newer markets around the globe. At its essence, the general thrust of what Evans will do at Alibaba sounds - for lack of a better descriptor - Goldman Sachsy.

Top executives have long touted the idea that connecting increasingly wealthy Chinese consumers with, say, South American meat producers or European toy makers would generate billions in additional revenue for the firm.

Like Anthony Noto, who became Twitter CFO after leading the company's IPO as a Goldman executive, Evans seems to have a pretty strong pre-exisiting relationship with Alibaba and has been a board member for about a year.

While this is hardly a trend (yet), Goldman might want to start looking at the exits and checking IDs.

It's all fun n' games until Gary Cohn announces he's the new CEO of Tinder.

Alibaba hires former Goldman banker Evans as president [Reuters]



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