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Amazon Experimenting With 1-Hour Booze Delivery/Utter Global Domination

You'll soon be much too drunk to care about their human resources issues.

Remember when the only thing Amazon couldn't do was get you drunk? Inc said on Tuesday it will begin delivering wine, beer and spirits to U.S. customers for the first time as part of its speedy delivery service, Prime Now.
The online retailer is expanding Prime Now, its one- and two-hour service, to Seattle, where the company is headquartered, and offering alcohol deliveries there.

That's right, Amazon is going to roll-out immediate booze delivery in much the same way that it has with groceries and... literally everything you've ever thought of.

While there are surely more than a few regional regulatory hurdles to jump, Amazon has battle-tested its approach to slow and targeted phasing-ins of new services. The company is also wildly unafraid to lose money while trying something out just to see if it makes Amazon an even more powerful force in a retail sector.

So, sit back on that couch, grab the tablet you ordered from Amazon, turn on some Amazon TV shows and order up some Amazon vodka.

You'll never have to venture outside again.

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