Colorado Man Discovers Perfect Time To Cover Your Shorts

Julian Brigden is pretty good prognosticator!
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Cracker of the code.

Julian Brigden’s system for discerning when to cash in is pretty complicated, but for the simple-minded among us, here’s the short version: after the Dow falls 1,000 points but before it gains 700 of them back.

The 50-year-old Wall Street veteran, who works for hedge funds and other investors from his office at a ski resort in Colorado, advised betting on declines in developing-nation stocks within two days of their 2015 high in April. He also warned of the risk of a yuan devaluation one month before it happened.

Now that the rout in emerging-market stocks and currencies has spread around the world, the Federal Reserve is likely to postpone its first interest-rate increase since 2006, according to Brigden, managing partner at Macro Intelligence 2 Partners. That would curb a rally in the dollar and provide temporary relief for developing markets.

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