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Colorado Man Discovers Perfect Time To Cover Your Shorts

Julian Brigden is pretty good prognosticator!

Cracker of the code.

Julian Brigden’s system for discerning when to cash in is pretty complicated, but for the simple-minded among us, here’s the short version: after the Dow falls 1,000 points but before it gains 700 of them back.

The 50-year-old Wall Street veteran, who works for hedge funds and other investors from his office at a ski resort in Colorado, advised betting on declines in developing-nation stocks within two days of their 2015 high in April. He also warned of the risk of a yuan devaluation one month before it happened.

Now that the rout in emerging-market stocks and currencies has spread around the world, the Federal Reserve is likely to postpone its first interest-rate increase since 2006, according to Brigden, managing partner at Macro Intelligence 2 Partners. That would curb a rally in the dollar and provide temporary relief for developing markets.

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