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Goldman Sachs Is Feeling Generous

Goldman believes in sharing now... but there are limits.
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Lloyd Blankfein's magnanimity has limits.

Come on in. Take a look under the hood. Play around with their proprietary data and algorithms. In fact, why don’t you just take all of that stuff Sergey Aleynikov tried to take? That’s totally cool which Googleman—I mean Goldman!—Sachs now.

But they’re still going to nail that Russian son of a bitch to the wall.

Goldman will soon offer clients access to more of its in-house tools, such as high-powered databases that analyze markets and manage risk, according to the firm’s executives. Those proprietary systems have long been key elements enabling Goldman to sidestep market turmoil and ring up outsized profits in better conditions….

Goldman is betting that its clients, such as hedge funds and other money managers, will use the individual applications, or apps, to develop strategies and then execute their trades with the firm.

By deepening ties with those clients, Goldman hopes it will pick up other business from them as well….

“Everyone looked to the West Coast, and saw how Silicon Valley” was sharing information and making use of their analytic capabilities, said Mr. Chavez in an interview.

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