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IMF, Europe THISCLOSE To Agreeing On Fuzzy Greek Math

They're workin' on it.
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Seeing, hearing and speaking no evil.

The European Stability Mechanism has waved its magic wand over the Greek numbers and *poof!* everything’s fine. The IMF—which has long experience with such mattersapproves. Now let’s never say the words “debt restructuring” ever again.

Mr. Regling said he is optimistic about the IMF’s participation in the €86 billion aid package after the fund accepted the European model on how to calculate debt sustainability, which looks at Greece’s gross refinancing needs instead of the overall debt level….

Mr. Regling said talks about debt relief for Greece are possible in autumn, although a cut in Greece’s nominal debt, known as a haircut, isn't on the agenda.

IMF Will Likely Participate in Third Greek Bailout, Says ESM Official [WSJ]


By MEDEF [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

IMF Annoyingly Sticks To Greek Debt Cut Line

Angela Merkel does not need this right now!