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Jamie Dimon Just Made A Badass New Friend

"Come on, let Jamie tell you 'bout his neeeew frieeend."

The Emperor of JP Morgan has been very public about his preoccupation with keeping hackers out of his bank's business. Well, now it seems that Jamie Dimon's got a pretty impressive new ally in his quest to secure the borders around JPM.

JPMorgan Chase named Raymond Odierno, a retired four-star general and the former chief of staff for the US Army, to advise CEO Jamie Dimon on cybersecurity and international risks.
Odierno, a Rockaway, NJ, native, spent 39 years in the military and more time in Iraq than any other general.
He was one of the architects of the 2007 “surge” that sent more than 20,000 troops to Baghdad and Anbar Province and helped stabilize sectarian violence.

That's right, the man who commanded the troops that captured Saddam Hussein and then went on to quell the chaos of Anbar Province is going to be Jamie's in-house tough guy.

And Jamie sounds pretty psyched to have him aboard...

“Ray has dedicated his life to serving our country, rising to the top of the Army with proven leadership that delivers results,” Dimon said in a statement.

Makes sense. Who would want to disappoint a six-foot-six four star general that looks as if he could lift you off the ground with his pinky?

We're not saying that Odierno will become the toughest person at JP Morgan the moment he steps in the door (He'll have to vanquish Marianne Lake in hand-to-hand combat for that honor) but we are saying that his arrival at 270 Park is making KKR feel a little insecure about that David Petraeus hire.

JPMorgan enlists retired four-star general to advise CEO [NY Post]



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