Judge Grants Bail To Pastor Charged With Trading On Inside Info Obtained From Ukrainian Hackers On Account Of Close Personal Relationship With God

They're really good friends, so.

Remember Vitaly Korchevesky? Pastor of the Slavic Evangelical Baptist Church? One of the five guys arrested in the U.S. earlier this month on charges of being involved in a gigantic insider trading scam dreamed up by a bunch of Ukrainian hackers? Was almost freed on bail by one judge so he could go tend to some religious business abroad, until another was like, "Um, not so fast"? Anyway, a third Judge has weighed in and decided that Korchevesky should be given the benefit of the doubt. According to the pastor's attorney, the guy's got two things going for him, the first being that he's absolutely swimming in testimonials:

Prosecutors argued that Mr. Korchevsky, 50, a United States citizen who was born in the former Soviet Union, was a rogue inside trader who posed a substantial flight risk. His lawyer, Steven Brill, countered that his client had lived for decades in the United States and was a trustworthy member of the community and a man of God...In an attempt to highlight Mr. Korchevsky’s “exceptional ties” to his community, Mr. Brill said the support for his client kept “rolling in” from places like Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon and Washington.

...and the second being that he's super tight with God, and would take several blows to the jugular for the guy.

When Judge Dearie questioned Mr. Korchevsky’s religious fervor on Wednesday, Mr. Brill recounted a story Mr. Korchevsky told him about his experience while living in Kazakhstan, then part of the Soviet Union, when the Communist regime would confiscate religious texts. Mr. Korchevsky drove around with a car full of Bibles, Mr. Brill said, and he was once stopped by the Soviet secret police, the K.G.B., and beaten for possessing them.

Now if you'll excuse Mr. Korchevsky, he's got a fantasy draft at Capital G's house* he's late for.

Suspect in Insider Trading Case Granted Bail [Dealbook]

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*If you were close buddies with God you'd know this is what his friends call him.


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