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Let's Talk About: CFA Level III Results

Some people are in a better head space at the moment than others.
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Fifty-three percent of Level 3 takers are walking on sunshine. Your bags are packed, you're ready to go. Next stop: CFA Camp. For the rest of you, the promise land is still nothing but a dream, while the nightmare of the last 6 months of studying is one from which you won't soon wake up. The books you spent more time with than friends and family will still be on your coffee table when you get home-- looking, judging, mocking. The sports coat, in the back of your closet, with the gold stitching spelling out "CFA" that you had done after a string of good practice tests. You knew it was foolish to tempt the Institute's gods but you couldn't help yourself.

If you a safe space to work out the emotions you're feeling right now, and your colleagues won't give you 5 god damn minutes of privacy to cry alone in peace, feel free to unload here, now. We’re listening.


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Is this you right now? Getty Images

Let’s Talk About: CFA Results

Some of you need this more than others.