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Mob Accountant Allegedly Not As Good As His Word

Stephen Corso knows what we're talking about.
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Here are two people who'd like to do some accounting with Stephen Corso.

Stephen Corso swore that the last audits he’d ever do were for the mobsters he helped send to prison. This appears not to be the case.

Six years later, Mr. Corso still owes restitution, and he is preparing financial statements on behalf of a number of penny-stock companies, according to public records and people familiar with the matter….

The companies Mr. Corso has worked for include at least two stocks that carry the skull-and-crossbones symbol used by OTC Markets on its website to warn investors to be careful for various reasons, including fraud investigations at the companies.

In fairness, Corso did leave himself a little wiggle room. He said he’d never do any licensed accounting ever again. Also, “Stephen Corso” isn’t doing any accounting. Just a guy who looks like him but is younger and has a better résumé.

Mr. Corso, a felon, is now working under a slightly different name, according to public records and people familiar with the matter.

He is touting false academic and professional qualifications, including claims to be a licensed certified public accountant and attorney, as well as an Ivy League degree he doesn’t have, according to those same sources. Mr. Corso is also professing to be younger than 60 years old, which the Bureau of Prisons says is his true age.

Mob-Busting Informant Resurfaces in SEC Probe [WSJ]



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