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New York Post Crowns Area Corporate Strategist The New Maestro Of F*cking

Corporate strategy by day, horizontal mambo strategy by night...
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If you're looking for some tips vis-à-vis doing the hippidty dippity, Jesse Williamson has some wisdom to impart.

On the dating app Lulu, where women rank their exes in various categories, Williamson is a perfect 10 in the bedroom, according to 11 former paramours. “I’ve definitely gotten ‘thank you’ texts for sex,” the West Village resident says. Williamson, who works in corporate strategy, insists that his high marks aren’t the product of promiscuity. “[I’ve slept with] maybe 15 [women] — tops!” So, what’s his secret? “My signature move is to listen,” he explains. “If you’re paying attention, women can teach you a lot.”

The man who gets ‘thank you’ texts for sex [NYP]


"I WILL F*CKING ASSAULT YOU": Sorority Girl Offers Wall Street A Clinic In Motivating People

If Tommy "I will run you over in the street" Belesis ever beats those fraud charges, the first thing he does is contact the writer of this letter to sign up for a 2-week intensive course that involves shadowing the master around campus (there is much to learn). The rest of you: take notes.