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President Trump Can't Stop Won't Stop Pitching Woo To Carl Icahn

In Trumperica, Carl Icahn is known as "Mr. Nice Guy."

In the past few weeks Donald Trump has said some crazy sh!t about a wide array of people. The vast majority of his verbal barrage has been negative with the venal New York City-based contractor deploying his favorite Trumpisms like "dummy," "loser" and "ugly."

Trump has put everyone from Fox News anchors to his opponents, to the entire nation of China, on blast. But one person that has escaped Trump's warpath is finance's favorite grumpy uncle, Carl Icahn.

Yesterday that streak of equanimity looked to be in jeopardy.

Donald Trump had to do a bit of damage control on Thursday after repeatedly dropping Carl Icahn's name in a campaign speech and then saying most good business negotiators were "vicious, horrible, miserable human beings."
Icahn, the billionaire investor, called Trump, the real estate mogul turned U.S. presidential candidate, to ask for an explanation after Trump made the comments in a speech.

Of course Carl wanted to see what was what, Trump had been saying he was one of the top guys in America. Maybe this was part of The Donald's new plan to attack guys like hedgies. Or maybe this was retribution for when Carl turned down the post of Treasury Secretary in Trump's America...

Wait. What did The Donald actually say?

Trump, who is leading the Republican field in the polls by a wide margin, was telling the audience at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina, that the U.S. needed strong negotiators in key government roles. He said he preferred effective dealmakers like Icahn to "nice" people who, he said, were powerless in their roles.
"Carl Icahn's one of the best," Trump said in the speech. "If I put Carl in charge of Japan, 'Carl: Handle Japan trade deals.' It's over, just walk away."

So, was he saying that Carl is a super efficacious a$$hole? Cuz...

Trump quickly added: "The people I'm talking about are not nice people. They're vicious horrible miserable human beings. But they're the greatest negotiators in the world ... These are terrible people in many cases. In about 2 percent of the cases they're actually nice people."

Yeah, OK. So Carl is a difficult hombre, isn't that why he'd fit perfectly into a Trump cabinet?

What's the problem here? Is Carl Icahn not used to being called names? Why did he need Trump to clarify and/or apologize?

Because, apparently, it was all just a classic misunderstanding between besties.

In the Reuters interview, Trump stressed that he saw Icahn as part of the "nice" 2 percent of strong business negotiators.

So there you have it. Not only is the relationship between The Donald and The Icahn still bro-hard, it's also giving Trump a chance to say more crazy things on the campaign trail.

Exclusive - Trump on Icahn: most top dealmakers are miserable but Carl is nice [Reuters]


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