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President Trump Really Hates That Bow Tie Guy In The H&R Block Ads

H&R Block is pretty much like the Megyn Kelly of tax preparation service companies.

Venal New York City-based contractor Donald Juarez Trump stopped by MSNBC's Morning Joe earlier today as part of his ongoing "I'm Not The Asshole, Megyn Kelly's The Asshole" tour, and said some Trump Stuff.

While most of the "conversation" was spent on bombing ISIS and putting troops back in the Middle East, how stupid Jeb Bush is and whether or not Donald did or didn't blame his debate performance on Megyn Kelly's menstrual cycle, the presumptive President-Elect did proffer himself the opportunity to talk real policy. Y'know, like tax code reform.

After giving a Trumpian example that his own tax returns are probably like ten-feet high when stacked up page-by-page (The Donald loves size metaphors), he said this:

You can say fair tax, you can say flat tax, you can say 100 different taxes, or you can say simplification because simplification is one of the things that you really can do, and do it a lot easier and a lot quicker.

You're not stoned, that is actually a rather pithy policy take by Donald Trump. We're not saying it's wonky, or that it has even a hint of nuance. We're just saying that it's a logical, complete thought.

But don't worry, he didn't stop there.

I want to put H&R Block out of business. I mean, it would be a dream of mine to put H&R Block right out of business. They don’t even deserve to be in business, frankly.

There it is. The essence of Trumpism. Even when he makes a fraction of a real point on something, he gives into a seeming compulsion that makes him couch any idea or theory inside a direct attack on a person, place or thing.

We're going to venture a guess here and say that while everyone hates the American tax system, and almost everyone hates those ads where the old white dude in the green bow tie throws cash out of a cargo plane while yelling at you about your tax returns, the idea that Trump wants to target and destroy a private sector business through government policy will not play well in Peoria.

That said, this whole thing does make us extremely curious to get Trump on the record about the potential Death Star-like abilities inherent in his interpretation of Dodd-Frank.

VIDEO: Trump on Morning Joe[MSNBC]


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