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Prosecutors Found A YouTube Video Of Hackers Selling Inside Information

Wait for it...
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And it only took them five years to file charges.

The flashy pitch, which featured an image of a computer tapping into a business wire’s servers, attracted the attention of stock traders halfway around the world, in Pennsylvania, Georgia and New York, U.S. officials said.

The 2010 marketing effort came in the early days of what U.S. authorities described as a five-year-long global alliance between overseas hackers and traders in the U.S. Together, officials say, they stole nonpublic corporate information and made lucrative bets in the time between when news releases were uploaded by listed companies into newswires’ systems and when the services issued public announcements of the news. Traders would sometimes create what prosecutors called “shopping lists” of companies that were expected to make announcements and pass them on to hackers.

Hackers Tapped a Bonanza of Data for Traders, U.S. Says [WSJ]


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